Today I would like to talk about a very important part of advertising campaigns – communication strategy. It consists of the messages and creatives with which a brand communicates to the consumer. Very often these two terms are conflated, thinking that they are the same thing. But it’s not.

The message is an idea of what lies in the objects of creativity. Creative objects are the components from which we can put together that message – the media file, the headline, the text, the call-to-action button.

When we develop messages, we start from the personas to which they will be directed. We test audience segments, and for each segment we will have a separate message.

📌 Let’s say we have a mobile yoga app. The first thing we need to do is research the product, understand who its audience is, what cool features it has. Then we need to package those tricks into messages to appeal to this or that person:

1. yoga can be good for people who suffer from back problems.

2. yoga for those people who want to develop the body – strength, flexibility, endurance.

3. yoga to relieve stress and improve sleep quality.

4. yoga for practicing at home.

5. Yoga for children.

So we can reach the audience through different triggers. Relevant targeting has to correspond to different communication. For example, for “Yoga for home exercise,” we select the home workout targeting, for the general message “Develop strength, flexibility, endurance” can be a fitness targeting, jogging, running. Then we test the whole thing and find a winning combination of targeting + communication strategy. When these combinations are found, we can move on to the scaling stage. As a rule, on the local market, few bother to do so. Everyone is lumped into one pile and trying to test something. But I’m all the same for a systematic approach and a conscious building of a communication strategy.

Friends, how much attention do you give to communication strategies? Let’s discuss it in the comments!