Scaling e-Com in Facebook Ads – Most Recent Problems

TOP-4 problems of scaling e-Com in Facebook Ads

After analyzing over 200 of our Facebook Ads setup projects, I found the main problems of scaling e-com in facebook ads our clients have faced before, and so I’ve highlighted for you what options have helped to solve them.

1. ROAS below payback.


– Not enough budget per group for optimization; too many ad groups with small budgets.

– Low CTR.

– Too narrow audiences.

– Mixing audiences for attraction and retargeting.

– No work with retargeting. 

Solutions: Revise and optimize the structure of advertising campaigns for attraction and retargeting, revise the targeting settings and communication with potential clients.

2. The purchase price increased.


– CPM growth.

– Decrease of actions while increasing cumulative frequency on ad groups.

– Campaign structure and/or retargeting communication is absent or poorly optimized

– Overlapping of audiences.

Solutions: redesign campaigns; expand an audience; change of the offer or the whole advertising creative; unification of interests.

Example of decreasing of actions while increasing cumulative frequency on ad groups
Example of decreasing of actions while increasing cumulative frequency on ad groups

3. Unable to scale sales. Increasing the budget increases the price per sale.


– Ad Groups do not have enough data to increase the budget and are not ready for scaling.

– Rapid budget increase.

– Too narrow audiences in the groups. 

Solution: to reconsider the structure of advertising campaigns according to the current budget, do not make changes in the groups while they are in the learning phase, a gradual increase of the budget according to the data received during the study stage and the demand on the market.

4. Unstable sales. Sales are jumping around and not being able to increase ROAS because of this.


– Insufficient budget per group for optimization.

– Many ad groups with small budgets

– Frequent editing of campaigns.

Solution: revise and optimize the structure of advertising campaigns for attraction and retargeting, taking into account the budget for groups coming out of the learning phase.

I hope this article helped you to figure out your own problem of scaling for e-com Facebook ads. Have any questions? Post a comment under this article or in my Instagram

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Today I would like to talk about a very important part of advertising campaigns – communication strategy. It consists of the messages and creatives with which a brand communicates to the consumer. Very often these two terms are conflated, thinking that they are the same thing. But it’s not.

The message is an idea of what lies in the objects of creativity. Creative objects are the components from which we can put together that message – the media file, the headline, the text, the call-to-action button.

When we develop messages, we start from the personas to which they will be directed. We test audience segments, and for each segment we will have a separate message.

📌 Let’s say we have a mobile yoga app. The first thing we need to do is research the product, understand who its audience is, what cool features it has. Then we need to package those tricks into messages to appeal to this or that person:

1. yoga can be good for people who suffer from back problems.

2. yoga for those people who want to develop the body – strength, flexibility, endurance.

3. yoga to relieve stress and improve sleep quality.

4. yoga for practicing at home.

5. Yoga for children.

So we can reach the audience through different triggers. Relevant targeting has to correspond to different communication. For example, for “Yoga for home exercise,” we select the home workout targeting, for the general message “Develop strength, flexibility, endurance” can be a fitness targeting, jogging, running. Then we test the whole thing and find a winning combination of targeting + communication strategy. When these combinations are found, we can move on to the scaling stage. As a rule, on the local market, few bother to do so. Everyone is lumped into one pile and trying to test something. But I’m all the same for a systematic approach and a conscious building of a communication strategy.

Friends, how much attention do you give to communication strategies? Let’s discuss it in the comments!

3000 leads per month (1$ per lead) | B2B

Role: Facebook Ads Specialist

Market: Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan

Project goal:

This company found us with a total disaster in lead generation.

They have a lot of problems with Google Ads, Website, Facebook Ads and strategy…

The website was slow (10+ seconds loading).

There was a low conversion rate – 3-4% at 300-400 visitors per day.

Facebook Ads account was blocked for an unknown reason.

Some conversions from GDN coasted up to $100

The only lead gen channel was Google Ads

349 conversion from 349 clicks 😢
349 conversion from 349 clicks 😢
1 conversion for $34 😱
1 conversion for $34 😱


First, we made competitive and market analyses.Then we set up analytics tools like Google Analytics and FB Pixel.We made a totally new landing page which gained 10% conversion rate (visitor to lead) at 1000 visitors per day.We collected a big semantic core that counted more than 1000 keywords and made 8000 personalized ads in Google Ads with relevant headings in the ads and on the website (more than 300 personalized headers which have been shown relevant to the client’s search requests).We resolved the problem of the blocked FB account with Facebook support.We launched a successful lead generation campaign from FB and Instagram (Price per Lead was 1-1,5$)

1199 leads in 2019/10
1351 лидов в 2019/11
1351 лидов в 2019/11
2948 leads in 2019/12
Facebook Ads - 1,53$ per lead
Google Ads results - 1610 leads

Leadgen for Infobusines and Blog | B2C

Role: Facebook Ads Specialist

Market: Ukraine

Project description:

We’ve been working together with this client already 2 years.

We started with a 15K audience and grew to 54K. Attracting an audience on a daily basis.

Over time, the client launched his business club and mini info products. We make launches for them every month.

We develop communication for each product and optimize advertising for the goal of Conversions and sales on the warm audience.

eCommerce | B2C | Selling boxes with exotic fruits

Role: Facebook Ads Specialist

Market: Ukraine

Project description:

The client came in with a request for a cheaper price per purchase.

After the audit it was revealed that there were a lot of overlapping audiences, there were no properly configured audience exceptions, which ultimately led to a mix of warm and cold audiences. The retargeting campaign worked only with one segment – everyone who was on the site and on Instagram followers and didn’t exclude customers from the site.

What we did:

– Re-structured the ad campaigns. Excluded warm audiences from attraction campaigns.

– Turned off some ad groups with the same targeting sets to eliminate overlap

– Developed communication for the retargeting campaign

– Developed the structure of the advertising campaign for retargeting, taking into account the separation of segments.

There were four segments that didn’t overlap with each other and had a sufficient sample size to work effectively.

Instagram’s subscribers,

Website audience in 30 days,

Add to cart in 7 days, and Customers.

– Uploaded a customers list, who had previously purchased the product and made an offer specifically for them.

– LAL Audiences Tests.

eCommerce | B2C | Women’s clothing in large sizes

Role: Facebook Ads Specialist

Market: Ukraine

Project description:

The client came with the newly created online store.

Previously worked only on the Facebook platform with the goal to get more messages. After order placement on the site, a manager called the client back and confirmed shipment. In the period of work were improved weak points of the site for increasing the number of conversions.

We implemented Facebook Pixel.Put events tracking on the site (pageview, view content, add to cart, iniciate purchase, purchase, search, add to wish).

Uploaded products to Facebook and created a catalog to work with dynamic retargeting.

Made the structure of advertising campaigns for a clear division of the audience in the attraction and retargeting.

In the first month of cooperation, we got 1170 orders on the site for $1.97 with average revenue at $45Worked best the sales by catalog and dynamic retargeting (viewing product cards and adding the product to the cart).

Created advertising texts and whole messages for retargeting campaigns.

The creatives leading to a link with the categories on the website gave more expensive results compared to work with the catalog.

Used the Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) and 3-4 groups with different targeting sets.

In the second month of cooperation tested the Ad Sets on a wide targeting and increased the budget

eCommerce | B2C | Children’s clothing

Role: Facebook Ads Specialist

Market: Ukraine

Project goal:

The client had an Instagram profile and sales only through it. There was an online store on CMS OpenCart.The task was to start using Facebook as a channel for getting sales. Also the purpose was to work with a warm audience because the client had not worked with it before.


What was done?- Collaboration with a programmer for uploading products on Facebook and creating a catalog to work with dynamic retargeting- Unloading of client base and creation of lookalike audiences.- Ad campaign structure was developed based on daily budget- Retarget ad tests- The strategy worked best – Sales via catalog with a seasonal product to a wide audience.- Implementation of dynamic retargeting gave ROAS 28.29