3000 leads per month (1$ per lead) | B2B

Role: Facebook Ads Specialist

Market: Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan

Project goal:

This company found us with a total disaster in lead generation.

They have a lot of problems with Google Ads, Website, Facebook Ads and strategy…

The website was slow (10+ seconds loading).

There was a low conversion rate – 3-4% at 300-400 visitors per day.

Facebook Ads account was blocked for an unknown reason.

Some conversions from GDN coasted up to $100

The only lead gen channel was Google Ads

349 conversion from 349 clicks 😢
349 conversion from 349 clicks 😢
1 conversion for $34 😱
1 conversion for $34 😱


First, we made competitive and market analyses.Then we set up analytics tools like Google Analytics and FB Pixel.We made a totally new landing page which gained 10% conversion rate (visitor to lead) at 1000 visitors per day.We collected a big semantic core that counted more than 1000 keywords and made 8000 personalized ads in Google Ads with relevant headings in the ads and on the website (more than 300 personalized headers which have been shown relevant to the client’s search requests).We resolved the problem of the blocked FB account with Facebook support.We launched a successful lead generation campaign from FB and Instagram (Price per Lead was 1-1,5$)

1199 leads in 2019/10
1351 лидов в 2019/11
1351 лидов в 2019/11
2948 leads in 2019/12
Facebook Ads - 1,53$ per lead
Google Ads results - 1610 leads