Leadgen for Infobusines and Blog | B2C

Role: Facebook Ads Specialist

Market: Ukraine

Project description:

We’ve been working together with this client already 2 years.

We started with a 15K audience and grew to 54K. Attracting an audience on a daily basis.

Over time, the client launched his business club and mini info products. We make launches for them every month.

We develop communication for each product and optimize advertising for the goal of Conversions and sales on the warm audience.

eCommerce | B2C | Selling boxes with exotic fruits

Role: Facebook Ads Specialist

Market: Ukraine

Project description:

The client came in with a request for a cheaper price per purchase.

After the audit it was revealed that there were a lot of overlapping audiences, there were no properly configured audience exceptions, which ultimately led to a mix of warm and cold audiences. The retargeting campaign worked only with one segment – everyone who was on the site and on Instagram followers and didn’t exclude customers from the site.

What we did:

– Re-structured the ad campaigns. Excluded warm audiences from attraction campaigns.

– Turned off some ad groups with the same targeting sets to eliminate overlap

– Developed communication for the retargeting campaign

– Developed the structure of the advertising campaign for retargeting, taking into account the separation of segments.

There were four segments that didn’t overlap with each other and had a sufficient sample size to work effectively.

Instagram’s subscribers,

Website audience in 30 days,

Add to cart in 7 days, and Customers.

– Uploaded a customers list, who had previously purchased the product and made an offer specifically for them.

– LAL Audiences Tests.

eCommerce | B2C | Children’s clothing

Role: Facebook Ads Specialist

Market: Ukraine

Project goal:

The client had an Instagram profile and sales only through it. There was an online store on CMS OpenCart.The task was to start using Facebook as a channel for getting sales. Also the purpose was to work with a warm audience because the client had not worked with it before.


What was done?- Collaboration with a programmer for uploading products on Facebook and creating a catalog to work with dynamic retargeting- Unloading of client base and creation of lookalike audiences.- Ad campaign structure was developed based on daily budget- Retarget ad tests- The strategy worked best – Sales via catalog with a seasonal product to a wide audience.- Implementation of dynamic retargeting gave ROAS 28.29