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Role: Facebook Ads Specialist

Market: Ukraine

Project description:

The client came in with a request for a cheaper price per purchase.

After the audit it was revealed that there were a lot of overlapping audiences, there were no properly configured audience exceptions, which ultimately led to a mix of warm and cold audiences. The retargeting campaign worked only with one segment – everyone who was on the site and on Instagram followers and didn’t exclude customers from the site.

What we did:

– Re-structured the ad campaigns. Excluded warm audiences from attraction campaigns.

– Turned off some ad groups with the same targeting sets to eliminate overlap

– Developed communication for the retargeting campaign

– Developed the structure of the advertising campaign for retargeting, taking into account the separation of segments.

There were four segments that didn’t overlap with each other and had a sufficient sample size to work effectively.

Instagram’s subscribers,

Website audience in 30 days,

Add to cart in 7 days, and Customers.

– Uploaded a customers list, who had previously purchased the product and made an offer specifically for them.

– LAL Audiences Tests.